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We offer different services that are required by most employers or needed in our personal lives.

Live Scan/ Fingerprinting- We have all needed our background checked at one point in time. 

BLS- Basic Life Support. With the skills learned and confidence built at our CPR training you could save a life!

Notary Public-Make that signature count. Get it notarized! 

The Owner, Samiya Hartsfield

Samiya Hartsfield, is no newcomer to the Customer Service field. In fact, she was first introduced to the field in 2005 when she started her career at Verizon Wireless as a Call Center Customer Service Representative. She knew she was destined to help people and started building her foundation in customer service. 

After many years and hours invested into her career, Samiya knew she wanted something more, something bigger. Something that would allow her freedom to spend time with her family and still help people. Samiya decided to start her own business in 2018 as a CPR Trainer.  As time went on she started venturing out into different fields such as Live Scan and Notary Public which still allows her the freedom to spend time with her family and help others.  

Samiya is  proud to know that she can make a difference in someone's life by teaching them the skills necessary to save lives. She's honored to know that she is trusted enough to take client's personal information and process fingerprints and notarize forms. 



First Aid, CPR and AED Training

Live Scan/ Fingerprinting

Mobile Notary Public Service

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